Fire Safety Within Our Community

Prevention of bush fires and protection from their threat is a community responsibility. Local councils, Rural Fire Brigades and the Rural Fire Service Head Office work hard to protect NSW from the disaster of bush fires, but we cannot do it alone.
The help of the community is needed.

your property !
your fuel !
your responsibility !

We in the Rural Fire Service (HILLSIDE BRIGADE) will assist you in achieving good Asset Protection Zones, creating a safe working space for the fire fighters to assist YOU in a bushfire emergency.

The need for you to be self sufficient for a while, will enable us (the RFS) to assist you.
If you live in a bush fire prone area you can reduce the risk of bush fire damage by property protection measures such as cleaning dead leaves, high grass and undergrowth around your property and maintaining a firebreak.

You should also know what to expect in major fires, know what to do if fire threatens and co-operate willingly with the firefighting authorities. Using fire carefully and following the rules during Total Fire Bans and the Bush Fire Danger Period can prevent bush fires.

Practical advice on fire safety is available in the "Fire Safety" section of the NSWRFS website. Below you will find a small selection of NSW Rural Fire Service publications on Fire Safety that you will find there.

`Firewise’ communities experience fewer fires and fewer fire-related deaths, injuries and property losses.
Bushfire prone communities are safer when they know such things as when to call ‘000’, what a Total Fire Ban means, how to prepare property and what to wear when protecting their home.

The CSIRO has produced a graphic which carries details of the many danger signs to look out for when you are looking at how best to protect your home. This can be found at the CSIRO's website. It is in .PDF format which you will require the Adobe Acrobat Reader® free plugin to view the publication.

To obtain Adobe Acrobat Reader® FREE - click here

To view the CSIRO "Protecting your home from bushfire" publication - click here

The NSW Rural Fire Service in urging the public to call the one emergency number when it comes to reporting emergencies in Rural and Urban areas, this includes bushfires.

The NSW Rural Fire Service is working with Crime Stoppers to encourage members of the public to provide information on arson activity by calling 1800 333 000.

NSWRFS Publications


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Bushfire Preparedness - Your Family and Pets - view

Please visit the NSW Rural Fire Service website to view a complete list of Fire Safety Publications.