The NSW RFS provides Brigades with a Station, fire vehicles and with all the Basic equipment i.e. branches, hoses, couplings, first aid kit etc. and personal protective equipment (PPE) i.e. overalls, boots, helmets, over-pants and turn-out coats. Other equipment is purchased by the brigade through fund-raising and donations e.g. quick fill pump, additional portable pumps, GPS units, portable blowers etc.

Hillside Brigade is equipped with 2 Vehicles - a CAT 1 tanker & a CAT 9 Striker Unit.

Category 1 Bushfire Tanker

Our current tanker is an Isuzu FTS Category 1 4WD vehicle capable of carrying 7 crew members. Its tank holds 3,300L of water and is pumped by a Gaan pump pack with a maximum flow rate of 1.350 litres/min. We can boost from a hydrant or suck from a dam or creek. The pump has both A.F.F.F and B.F.F.F capabilities.

Category 9 Bushfire Striker/Mop-up

The NSW Rural Fire Service deploys many Category 9 Bushfire Striker/Mop-up units. At the present time these units are locally built by districts, however, the Service is developing a standard specification for these very versatile and practical units.
Typically a Category 9 vehicle is built onto a light 4WD chassis such as a Landcruiser or Patrol trayback unit. These are fitted with light duty pumps and a tank of around 500 litres.